The Louvre Museum has new rooms underground.

Obviously, underground, there are no windows, and therefore no natural lighting.

The demand was to be able to simulate the race of the sun: orange in the morning, cool white at noon and orange again in the early evening.

To meet this requirement, LED NER specially developed a very high performance Led source: Oneline Néo (Ref .: ONE602).

The color temperature varies from 2500K to 6000K, with an excellent CRI of 93 and a huge flux of 3000lm/M.

The result is spectacular and really gives the impression of having natural lighting. The LED sources are installed in coves.

The LED NER equipment was supplied by the company "UpToLight" and installed by SPIE Batignolles.

The lighting design is the work of "L’Observatoire International" based in New York.

DALI controllers were provided by the company "AELSYS".