The dimming wall panels are divided in two different types : 0/10V and PWM.
0/10V wall panels deliver a standard 0/10V analog signal.
PWM wall panels can control power supplies with PWM inputs directly.
Some versions can even directly supply the LED strips.
All of our wall panels are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 channels.
The complete versions are manufactured with noble material : massive milled brass, nickeled then brushed or mirror polished.
To help you integrate our LED sources, LED NER has developped ranges of profiles, caps, filters, end-caps, brackets…
Everything that you need to ensure a safe and reliable operating of our LED sources.

You can download the assembly tips that we made for you.
LED NER offers a range of cables, optics, and differents accessories that will make it easier for the installation.
You can download the assembly tips that we made for you.
The quality of our LED sources is enhanced when the installation is efficient.

Indeed, these LEDs must be supplied rigorously, et controlled by different dimming devices : manual or automated.

You first have to evaluate your needs:

Which LED source (Linear or Cluster)

Which level of flux, which color(s), which CRI, visible LED dots or not.

Which controlling device : manual, 0/10V, 1/10V, DMX, DALI, PWM direct

Which integration constraints

Several charts will help you find the most suitable setting.

Don't hesitate to contact us ; we will give you the advices you need.